The DEI Success Measures You Haven’t Considered Yet


As we all know, the end of the year presents an opportunity for change. For many leaders, DEI can be that change they make for the better. 

In fact, Glassdoor predicts that next year, employers will further prioritize DEI action and accountability. However, with only 37 percent of organizations reporting they feel confident that company leadership is truly holding itself accountable to DEI goals, strategies for success must change in 2022. 

How can companies start to clearly articulate strategy and measure success? 

Enter Mentor Spaces. Our platform cultivates diverse talent pipelines – a key measure of DEI success – by facilitating career conversations between employees and prospective underrepresented candidates. With Mentor Spaces, DEI and HR leaders have a clear line of sight into new success measures, including awareness, engagement, satisfaction, and more. 

Let’s dive in. 

Measuring DEI Success

A key element to any successful DEI program is a diverse talent pipeline. 

And as the leading mentorship community for underrepresented talent, we provide ample opportunities to connect with new, diverse talent pools. Within our community, companies can connect with prospective employees in several ways, including company-sponsored Spaces or Sessions. 


Here at Mentor Spaces, we think of our spaces as the proverbial town center, where there are virtual gatherings based on common interests. In other words, spaces are predefined interest groups where community members gather to have mentoring conversations. For companies, sponsored spaces present the opportunity to introduce community members to current employees to ask questions, share resources and more. 

The asynchronous and synchronous Q&A and resource sharing within a Space offer an any-time mentoring option that is especially effective in a busy hybrid work world with flexible schedules. Community members can explore these forums whenever they have a few minutes within their day. 

Success Measures: Companies can measure membership and engagement rates to better understand overall brand visibility amongst potential new hires. 


Sessions are real-time, group sessions on a specific topic moderated and hosted by a group of mentors. We host three to four Sessions per week, each a community-driven discussion focused on professional training topics such as burnout, becoming a manager, and more. Companies have the opportunity to have their employees join sessions as mentors on a timely topic or host a sponsored session based on a topic or specific job opportunity. 

Success Measures: Companies can measure session attendance, participation, and engagement with the company following the session to determine brand awareness and job application rates (if there are open roles). 

Jumpstart Your DEI Goals with Mentor Spaces 

Sponsoring a Space or Session gives your employees the opportunity to interact directly with aspiring young professionals outside of your company. This gives brand ambassadors a connection to potential future employees, and establishes your company as a brand that understands the importance of DEI. 

Talent is hard to come by amidst the Great Resignation, and Mentor Spaces offers an easy avenue towards brand awareness. Our platform enables companies to enhance brand, engage colleagues, and mentor historically marginalized populations to cultivate diverse talent pipelines. Organizations benefit from up to a 30 percent increase in employee retention, a 50 percent decrease in time spent on admin and talent sourcing, and a significant increase in employee engagement. 
Schedule a call with us to see how Mentor Spaces can help your company track towards DEI success.