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Professional Career Goals Can Be Achieved Through Preparation Conversations

A professional mentoring relationship should involve Preparation Conversations. This is the final of the three conversation models that help facilitate a productive dialogue. They encompass planning and preparing for ultimate success.
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Professional Possibilities Are Revealed Through Exploration Conversations

Mentoring and Navigating the Path Forward to Growth & Success Life is a journey! A constant search for growth and success. We learn by observing people with more experience, maturity, and usually in a position of authority. We look to role models who have arrived at a certain point in their lives that we’d like...
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Kicking Off A Mentoring Relationship With Awareness Conversations

Having an open and honest conversation in tandem keeps balance and puts the other person at ease. Uncovering interests and shared experiences builds a common ground of understanding and familiarity between a mentor and mentee. Joint participation and contribution demonstrate that both parties are invested and become the springboard for respectful and productive discussion. 
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Three Mentoring Conversations

The Importance of Conversation Meaningful conversations are essential for creating trust and building rapport in a mentoring relationship. Getting to know each other can only be accomplished by asking questions and practicing active listening skills. Effective communication helps bring about new ideas and developments, as new pathways come to life. In short, discovery and learning...

Take Action With DEI: What Employees Can Do to Help Companies Meet Goals

Employees can play an active role in helping organizations honor their commitments to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  “The Great Resignation” is real.  For leaders, talent retention has risen to the top of the priority list. Company leaders across departments are responsible for setting a culture that creates happy, empowered colleagues – one that offers an...

Are You a “Give & Getter” Mentor?

Mid-career professionals driven by growth and the desire to give back can provide value for others – and themselves – through the community-driven mentorship. When you think of mentorship, what do you think of? Is it a top-down, one-to-one relationship based on the company hierarchy? Traditional mentorship consisted of something like this – you strictly...

Making the Most of the Mentorship Economy

It’s never been harder to establish a connected, collaborative company culture. Business leaders are facing new workplace challenges over the past two years. Creative solutions are required to combat widespread turnover and increasingly disconnected workforces. No leader can single handedly dictate whether their employees are engaged in their current role. It’s important to focus on...

The DEI Success Measures You Haven’t Considered Yet

As we all know, the end of the year presents an opportunity for change. For many leaders, DEI can be that change they make for the better.  In fact, Glassdoor predicts that next year, employers will further prioritize DEI action and accountability. However, with only 37 percent of organizations reporting they feel confident that company...

Building a Mentorship Program: 3 Tips for Success

Sometimes, mentoring relationships form naturally. Pairs or groups of colleagues might find connections in their backgrounds, skill sets, and career ambitions in the normal course of their work. These individuals will benefit from the experiences and perspectives they share. In a perfect world, every member of your company would naturally find a mentor or mentors...

Measuring Up: 4 Ways to Measure DEI Success

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) might seem like a “soft science” where feelings and emotions reign supreme. DEI is, after all, a people-centered discipline. Nobody wants to be reduced to a number, but sometimes, focusing on the data and metrics can spur innovative strategies that foster a welcoming, inclusive environment. Companies and organizations spend about...