What Can Technology Do for Your D&I Initiatives?


You can nurture genuine diversity and inclusion by leveraging technology to enhance your organization’s hiring processes.

Many of today’s business leaders accept the idea that diversity improves organizational performance. However, they struggle with finding a way to create a culture of true diversity and inclusion.

There’s no single change or practice that will make your organization genuinely diverse. It’s a culmination of many small changes in organizational culture.

The truth is that it’s challenging to transform corporate culture. Nevertheless, you can overcome this challenge.

By taking advantage of automation, you can empower human resource personnel with significantly more time to promote authentic change.

What Does Technology Have to Do With Diversity? 

Training is the standard solution for promoting workplace diversity, according to a Deloitte study. However, many HR leaders are questioning the effectiveness of diversity training. According to the survey, training often serves to increase awareness about diversity but does little to affect real change.

To promote a real shift toward diversity and inclusion, you can leverage automation to revamp your organization’s hiring processes. Technology can help you to reprogram organizational hiring and employee management, mitigate bias and develop sustainable diversity and inclusion hiring practices. As an example, 75% of polled HR professionals report that an effective self-service portal reduces the administrative workload.

Forward-thinking HR leaders leverage self-service systems, providing employees with access to career development tools. However, it’s important to deploy self-service thoughtfully so as not to create a feeling of disengagement between employees and the company.

Using an employee self-service portal, HR personnel can create content, share access to employee data and establish permissions. For instance, HR administrators can give existing employees the ability to review their work-related data and access career development training and potential job candidates can view job openings.

Tech Enables Diverse Content Targeting and Recruiting

A recent CareerBuilder poll of HR leaders reveals that candidates view job postings with videos 12% more than those without videos. Furthermore, firms that publish video content with job openings receive a 34% higher response to postings.

HR leaders can use video storytelling as an effective way to reach diverse job candidates. A high-quality video distinguishes your organization from the many companies competing to attract top talent.

There are other technologies that can help you better connect with diverse job candidates. By placing the right ads in front of the right potential employees, for instance, you’ll save time and effort while helping your organization reach its diversity objectives.

Job candidate targeting works in much the same way that retailers target consumers. Using technology, you can discover the best way to pinpoint specific segments with relevant job opportunities.

By using the right keywords and targeting the right audience, you’ll increase the chances of filling open roles with diverse job candidates. TheWhether platform, for instance, enables you to target diverse talent among groups that are typically difficult to engage.

Embracing Automation to Enhance Candidate Management

Only 36% of surveyed employees say that they feel engaged at work, according to a Gallup study. This sentiment creates a phenomenal opportunity. By understanding employee attitudes, you can promote engagement.

It takes time to build a culture of diversity and inclusion. If your staff members are overburdened with time-consuming manual tasks, they cannot focus on promoting diversity and engagement effectively.

HR leaders can track and improve employee engagement by using software to analyze behavior and move closer to creating a diversified work environment where workers feel satisfied. CultureAmp is one solution that enables HR professionals to save time while researching and managing diverse job candidates. Another resource, PlanBox, allows recruiters to evaluate and fine-tune current diversity initiatives.

Automate Manual Tasks So That You Can Focus on Transformative Diversity

Automation can free your team to work on critical tasks, allowing them to move forward and make real progress with diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Software automation does not magically reveal issues and make suggestions to promote diversity and inclusion. However, it does make the process faster and easier.

For example, software automation can enable HR leaders to discover actionable insights from unstructured data such as forums. With this ability, they can find new ways to reach diverse job candidates.

Human resources software can empower your organization to automate the process of manually evaluating qualified job applicants. With advances such as artificial intelligence, today’s human resource management software enables executive leaders to automate the enhancement of job descriptions and the identification of qualified candidates among diverse professionals.

By using automation for tasks such as creating job listings and managing candidates and employees, your organization can become empowered to focus its energy toward nurturing a corporate culture of real diversity and inclusion.

If you would like to learn more about how your organization can leverage D&I technology, download our E-book on The Future of Diversity & Inclusion: Technology Solutions.