Creating Authentic Conversations with NAAAHR


Mentorship is all about authenticity. While these types of relationships are created by serendipitous conversations, authenticity is the baseline to a successful mentorship relationship. 

Here at Mentor Spaces, we pride ourselves on being authentic. We are authentic in our conversations, in the way we present ourselves to the world, and in the partnerships that we create. As an organization uniquely positioned to help the next generation of Black and Latinx leaders, we have the opportunity to partner with other organizations to further our collective mission and provide mentors and proteges with an authentic opportunity to connect with their peers. 

That’s why I’m pleased to announce that we have partnered with the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR) to help foster mentorship opportunities for underrepresented talent. Our joint work with the NAAAHR, along with the recent partnership announcement with Landmark Ventures, shows our eagerness to partner with organizations focused on advancing personal and career development for Black and Latinx professionals.

Together, Mentor Spaces and NAAAHR can create organic, authentic opportunities for NAAAHR members to share insights and connect with the next generation of Black and Latinx leaders in HR. Members will have an exclusive, private space on the Mentor Spaces platform, where they will have an opportunity to network with each other, communicate best practices and share experiences in their respective roles. 

This space will also provide NAAAHR members with the opportunity to connect with early career professionals, as members have the authentic voice that proteges are looking for when starting to build a relationship with a mentor. Our platform is designed to connect underrepresented students and early career professionals with mentors like NAAAHR members to advance their development by leveraging the experience of others. These relationships also mean NAAAHR members will also have access to new talent pools, while also using a streamlined, easily accessible mentorship tool.

A person can’t be who they haven’t seen. This new partnership will allow Black and Latinx students and early career professionals to hear firsthand perspectives from the HR leaders at top organizations across the country. 

Starting Your Own Authentic Conversation with Mentor Spaces

At Mentor Spaces, we know that you want to be an impactful, authentic leader, and we believe it should be easy to build a diverse culture by involving the right people. We understand how hard it can be to do your job and also give back. That’s we built a community of over 10,000 underrepresented students and early career professionals that would love to hear your voice. 

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