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Professional Possibilities Are Revealed Through Exploration Conversations

Mentoring and Navigating the Path Forward to Growth & Success Life is a journey! A constant search for growth and success. We learn by observing people with more experience, maturity, and usually in a position of authority. We look to role models who have arrived at a certain point in their lives that we’d like...
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Kicking Off A Mentoring Relationship With Awareness Conversations

Having an open and honest conversation in tandem keeps balance and puts the other person at ease. Uncovering interests and shared experiences builds a common ground of understanding and familiarity between a mentor and mentee. Joint participation and contribution demonstrate that both parties are invested and become the springboard for respectful and productive discussion. 

Take Action With DEI: What Employees Can Do to Help Companies Meet Goals

Employees can play an active role in helping organizations honor their commitments to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  “The Great Resignation” is real.  For leaders, talent retention has risen to the top of the priority list. Company leaders across departments are responsible for setting a culture that creates happy, empowered colleagues – one that offers an...

Three Reasons Why You Should Become a Mentor for Underrepresented Talent

Let’s face it — our current climate has made it incredibly difficult to connect with our peers.  Both COVID-19 and the current dialogue around systemic racism have amplified the need to connect early-career, isolated individuals who don’t know what they don’t know, with professionals in the know.  How to bridge that gap? By becoming a...

Mentor Spaces Joins Forces With INROADS to Positively Impact Underrepresented Talent and Scale Virtual Group Mentorship

Mentor Spaces Now Powers the Largest Mentorship Community for Underrepresented Talent (Denver, CO, FEBRUARY 25, 2021) — Mentor Spaces, a virtual group mentorship platform that helps companies scale their diversity and inclusion efforts, today announced a partnership with INROADS, the nation’s largest nonprofit source of paid internships for diverse, high-performing, undergraduate students. With INROADS supporting...

5 Reasons Your Job Descriptions Are Turning off Diverse Candidates

Your company is actively working to build a diverse and inclusive workforce, but you find that despite your best efforts, somehow, the majority of applicants who respond to your job postings remain white and male. You know there are talented, qualified candidates who don’t fit that box out there, but you’re just not attracting them.  Bring...