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Professional Career Goals Can Be Achieved Through Preparation Conversations

A professional mentoring relationship should involve Preparation Conversations. This is the final of the three conversation models that help facilitate a productive dialogue. They encompass planning and preparing for ultimate success.
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Kicking Off A Mentoring Relationship With Awareness Conversations

Having an open and honest conversation in tandem keeps balance and puts the other person at ease. Uncovering interests and shared experiences builds a common ground of understanding and familiarity between a mentor and mentee. Joint participation and contribution demonstrate that both parties are invested and become the springboard for respectful and productive discussion. 

How to Find a Mentor: Find the Community Right For You

Fresh out of college? Just started in a new role? Have a workplace issue that you want to discuss with someone who’s lived through this type of experience? These are all indicators that you may be looking for a mentor.  Mentors can come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t necessarily have to be a...

5 Benefits of Group Mentorship

Mentorship is a beneficial relationship between two parties, the mentor and proteges, in which the mentor provides valuable advice, aid, and guidance to the protege. Mentors can be found in nearly every aspect of life. They are those who give everything they can to the next generation, including guidance, advice, and support. Unfortunately, mentorship can...