Unique Perspectives: What Our Community Members Look for in a Company

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Hiring the right candidates is critical to the success of your business. Do you want to boost diversity in your workplace and understand what top talent is looking for in an employer? We connected with three members of The Whether community to find out what motivates them to apply for a job and what draws them to prospective employers.

Here’s what our community members highlighted as important factors when looking for their next opportunity.

Potential for growth

When looking at companies to apply to, The Whether members we spoke to agree that it’s important that they have room to grow within the organization. When looking for a company, Matthew Kirby, a talent and recruitment professional, considers these questions: How likely would I be able to increase my value within the company, whether it is promotional opportunities or being able to obtain certification related to my expertise? Do I have to worry about potentially running into a glass ceiling within 2-3 years? 

“I like a company whose interests align with mine and provide meaningful opportunities for growth, advancement and opportunities for increased responsibilities,” Kirby says.

Markia Brown, a 2019 graduate from Albany State University’s Marketing program shares what she looks for in an employer. “I look for a company that can be flexible with my schedule, is a healthy work environment with opportunity to continue to grow in my career path,” Brown says.

“I look for a place where there will be opportunities to learn and there’s room for growth,” says Victoria Odude, a Forex Analyst. “I appreciate a company that offers security and stability, where the managers will make me feel appreciated and challenged in a positive way.”

Workplace culture and organizational fit

When looking at companies to apply to Odude cares about culture and organizational fit.

“I look out for the company’s values. I chose my current job because the company’s values aligned with mine,” Odude states.

Kirby looks to the people in the organization as an indicator of whether an employer could be a good fit, considering key questions like Who am I working with and what personalities will I be in proximity of? What are those intrinsic characteristics and chemistry within the team I’m on?

The organization’s reputation

A company’s reputation is an important factor for any applicant to consider when applying for a job.

“The reputation of the company matters a lot, because I believe I represent the image of the company as an individual,” says Odude. “So the way I talk, act and respond to people and issues must be in a decent way.”

Markia Brown echoes this sentiment, stating “A company’s reputation shows a pattern of how they treat people. I personally won’t work for a company with a bad reputation because it says a lot about myself as well. Most people accept jobs and positions that correspond with who they are or what they represent.”

If your company has dealt with PR issues in the past, Kirby offers a different perspective.

“I don’t need to work for a company who has a spotless reputation. I need to work for a company who has demonstrated not only evidence of having positive relations with its customers and local community, but also one who has made mistakes and has bounced back from those hurdles.”

A diverse workforce

“Diversity is extremely important to me as it’s important to be part of a team that looks like the communities it serves,” says Kirby. “Sometimes diversity is tricky to gauge when you’re not part of the organization.”

To get a better sense of a company’s commitment to diversity, Kirby suggests asking probing questions during the interview process. He explains: “Ask questions that will compel an interviewer to speak honestly about the diversity landscape at their company.”

Brown also sees tremendous value in workplace diversity.

“I want to work around people different from me because it always allows you to grow and learn each day. When you are surrounded by different people with different perspectives and mindsets you are able to understand more about others,” says Brown.

Odude shares how diversity motivates her work, stating, “A company’s diversity matters a lot to me because it means we are exploring new markets and taking new risks. To me, that’s growth and I will always contribute my best to ensure we achieve our goals.”

Understanding what diverse, top candidates look for in a company will help you build a strong and successful workforce.